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Thursday, 7 November 2013


Another series of waterfall cascading from Kledang Saiong, this one is a bit easy you can reach it up to the based by common four wheel vehicle using tarred road that use by joggers to Kledang Hill, The size is not spectacular as Lata Kijang and can consider as baby fall for waterfall enthusiast, but if you want to give your kids about an experience visiting waterfall that still natural inside the rainforest this would be a perfect choice and maybe you can continue to the top of Kledang hill and witness the spectacular view of Ipoh and Mt. Peninjau from the hill, this waterfall just halfway to the top.

If you're from Ipoh you won't miss the transmission tower on your left side, that's the top of Kledang Hills.

The condition of this hill tarred road is smooth... you will have a pleasant drive but just make sure your break pad is in good condition, the road is similar when you want to drive to Mt. Jerai

Just near the roadside you will meet the first tier, the water is directly flowing into drainage systems under the road. The gravity feed PVC pipe used to supply the water to nearby toilet. 

Portrait of Junaidi with the first tier, it shown half of it size

It even got stairs to facilitate the joggers, this place become a place to rest for another halfway climb. 

Then you will meet this tiny water slides, you kid can go to the edge of the rock and play here.

You need to trek along the river, easy walk but sometimes you need to river trekking, you will reach the main fall within 5 to 10 minutes walk.

Another water slides, you need to walk on top of the rock to reach the main fall.

The main fall, it's a twin fall with sufficient space to relax after short walk. 

During the previous I haven't got a chance to snap a photo here, now Junaidi do the shutter release. 

The river system downstream, this one is located in minor gorge and if you dare you can climb down, there is a trail.

From top of Kledang Hill, you can see Mt. Peninjau and some part of Ipoh and the breeze is breathtaking.

Panoramic view of Ipoh from Halfway to the top, you can see Titiwangsa Range at the edge of the sky, no wonder they call it The Valley of Kinta.

There is another fall using forest trail in 52 Hill using trail 49 or RTM, that would need serious trekking and hiking too and we keen to visit that next time.

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