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Thursday, 14 November 2013


Lata Papan is small cascades located just behind Kg. Lata Papan in Kuak, lenggong, not mistaken with so called "Papan Cascades" located in small town of Papan near Pusing. I've been visited this place few times and this place would be regard as safe place to bring your kids for real picnic to waterfall but please avoid wet season as the rock surface become slippery. Rarely visited by the outsiders, this secluded cascades just located behind the traditional Malay village and you doesn't need to trek far away deep in the forest to reach it. This area become known as one of the concentrated place to have countless waterfall either from Bintang Hijau or Titiwangsa and exit to Sg. Perak.

If you're from Tasik Raban driving towards Jenalik, you won't miss this faded signboard showing the entrance to Kg. Lata Papan. 

You will drive through Kg. Lata Papan, one lane tarred road and do drive slowly as the house is concentrated near the road.

At the edge of the village near the villager's orchard you will find the trail head, park your vehicle here. Walk until end of the trail.

At the end of the trail you need to descend the short cliff but be careful during wet season.

The lower tier, sizable pool for those who want to show their diving skills.

Panoramic view of lower tier, the spot is surrounding by lush canopy, so it just nice relaxing place.

The upper tier, you can lie facing the rock and play with the water due to natural level of the boulders. 

The close view from the top of cascades, nice rock formation and variable color too.

The river itself Sg. Lata Papan is healthy due to existing of several "suak" streams that feed the main river, cute baby waterfall on the top of the cascades. 

Upstream of Lata Papan Falls, calm riverbed, suitable for children too during dry season. 

Second waterfall with my "Kuale" connection, Zaini another kakis join in for unveil the secret that lies in Southern Bintang Hijau Range and Titiwangsa Range around Bukit Sapi. 

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