Monday 21 October 2013


Another jewel of Ipoh located in the mountain range of Kledang Saiong, rediscovered on assistance of two determined jungle enthusiast who keen to endure any obstacles using their experience. I began to heard the story of this hidden waterfall from Rizal, a friend of mine whom lived in Manjoi, Perak on their childhood memories cycling through tin mines area of Jelapang to rocky streams nearby the hill, secondly I was enlighten by Shahbuddin, my LAP connection that during their maintenance work on one of water catchment area in Jelapang, there is a rocky streams that popular among the locals for their fresh dip and finally I met Halim whom also from this area confirming that there is a small cascades nearby the catchment area. I, Halim and Junaidi determined to unveil this hidden waterfall few days ago and we started early morning to avoid monsoon rain in the hilly area which we afraid could jeopardize our safety especially the forest around the catchment area would not be approved for the logging activities, hence when the canopy is thick it would preserve a high volume of water and we afraid that sudden flash flood would endanger us. During this trip I would say it quite tricky because we need to wait for the rain to subside in order to get clear photo but there is a time when we are not even able to cover the camera from raindrops and there is a lot of stamping clone used to eliminate the unwanted white marks and sorry if the photo looks funny because I'm still in the entry level of photoshop and during this trip, I'm fully utilized the lesson gained on HDR during the Teluk Mengkudu Falls' HDR Legion photo expedition. This waterfall is just a few minutes drive from Ipoh and the profile is near vertical with the most fascinating part it's a Y type of waterfall where the river is fed by two waterfalls in Y position, one is roaring and another one is a bit calm.

You won't miss this signboard, either you're from Jelapang or Menglembu using Lumut - Ipoh Expressway, just nearby the entrance to Buntong Falls.

Then you will reach the residential area of Puncak Jelapang, calm neighborhood nearby the hilly area. You can see the hill area, there where the waterfall is located.

Follow the main road until you reach this small river, lots of sediment, heavy rain upstream. The road leading to the water catchment area is along this river. 

The LAP water processing center is at the end of the road, you need a permission to enter the area, otherwise you need to trek along the river on your right side, some scramble need to be done and the trail is very steep. 

Just nearby the gate you can see the first evidence of waterfall lies in this area, small cascades become a popular spot for local kids to show their daredevil skills. 

After a few minutes you will reach this water catchment area, trek again along the river. This is the first time I saw the forest reserve signage being erected just few meters from each other, I think they want to tell people that this area is totally "virgin" forest. 

Up close and personal with the Yellow steel plate that you may found each time you enter forest reserve area, the other purpose of this yellow thing is that for you to be alerted and aware that you may encounter any possibility that related to forest area, just be careful. 

This how the trail looks like, two jungle enthusiast posing with the sacred bayonets and the ribbon sunglasses too.... two of them quite helpful during this trip.

Second cascades, this how HDR is generated if you are forgot to switch the white balance from shades mode to auto, the color is vivid.

Another pose from Halim and Junaidi resembles the commando training, crawling on top of cascades, not advisable for the first time, the wood is slippery and just imagine to the boulders down there.

Walk a few meters, you will encounter this 2 meter fall with very deep pool, Junaidi had tried this one and he doesn't reach the bottom, but here you can get natural fish spa but unknown fish species. 

On top of the fall you will meet with this small cascade, you need to crawl on top of the rock to continue with the trail.

Suddenly after scramble across the hilly trail you will hear the sound of roaring water and you will encounter this cascades with small sandy pool and look behind the cascades, there is where the main fall lies. 

The main fall of Sungai Tapah, wow.... another near vertical waterfall found in Kledang Saiong, another jewel of Ipoh and utmost potential for Eco-tourism within the city limits, due to the water splash the shoot cannot be materialized at the front side. 

Small twin of her mighty fall, this fall lies on your left side but the main fall lies on your right side. Maybe seasonal only appeared during monsoon season from countless "suak" (small stream) that feed Sg. Tapah. 

Rediscovery has been made and now Halim become the one that click the shutter release, Junaidi mingle closely with the twin and me, with wet T-shirt felt much more alive at this point... wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, thanks guys, another "kakis" joins in.

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