Friday 15 November 2013


On the next day after a visit to Bukit Belacan Falls in Gunung Besout we visit another waterfall which I visited with my friend Adi few months ago. Also a secluded waterfall that only known to the locals, I asked the villagers on the river name but they said don't know the exact name but they name is Sg. Trolak Timur, maybe one of the tributary of Sg. Trolak visibly seen when you pass small town of Trolak using Federal Road. This also the first time ever female joining my waterfall trip and two new kakis Yarn and Saiful. This waterfall is one of the easiest access, park on the road side and just walking 5 minutes there, but during our visit there is a heavy rain the night before so the water a bit murky but the spectacular of the waterfall is still prominent among all.

Entrance to Felda Trolak Timur, you need to pass Felda Trolak Utara and Selatan to reach this spot, a bit confuse road but do not shy to ask direction. 

You need to climb this road in order to reach the trail head, same road to the Orang Asal Village at the edge of the Felda. You can see the mighty Titiwangsa (probably the northern side facing Tapah), breathtaking view. 

The trail to the waterfall inside villager's ochard, please ask permission if you visit it during fruit season because it may cause misunderstanding among the villagers. 

The upper level, secluded under the canopy with shallow pool.

The middle part, when during the dry season it just a water sliding beside the boulders. 

The main fall of lowest level, 2 tier waterfall and the size is impressive.

The bottom tier of lowest level, nice photography spot.

Look how murky the river, on this condition you should be alerted and conscious, the fenomena of flash flood regularly occurred on this condition of water. 

The photo taken during my previous visit with Adi, look how clean it is....

Plus in the clear water you have free fish spa massage here, unknown species of small fish that will give smooth bite on your surface of the skin, taken during my previous visit. 

Finally the portraits of Eco-travelers, for left Yarn and his wife, me and Saiful a new kakis from Teluk Intan.   

There will be another visit to Trolak Timur soon because there is another waterfall which lies at Bukit Intan just nearby this spot but need to use palm oil plantation road. 

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