Monday 19 August 2013


Known by the locals as "Lata Tok Senik", the waterfall flows from Northern Bubu Range near Bukit Gantang. Located part in the Durian farms and Bubu Permanent Forest Reserve, the location to the trail head could be reached by common four wheel vehicles but the most adventure part is to climb the cemented path of the Durian farms and to climb down the cliff to reach the waterfalls. We managed to explore just 5 of it and it took us nearly 4 hours, unfortunately we could not further explore the upper part and next time we will use a motorcycles to save our time. During this trip I could say that the wow factor is endless, the cascades and waterfall could be found in every 300 meters from each other, roaring sound far at the bottom of the cliff and the excitement cum adventure of finding the way down across the overgrowth and dead leaf. Must go for waterfall enthusiast because the area contains deep pool, near vertical falls, cascades and many more.

The entrance from main road if you're using Bukit Berapit to Batu 9 Trong route, you won't miss the spot. You can see the bridge that cross Sungai Cheh and the road also leading to abandon resort. 

Well maintained road towards the trail head, it starts as soon the tarred road ends.

The cemented path, Asmidi showing that there is sound of roaring water down below

The area near the waterfall is full of overgrowth and big trees too.

The first cascades found, got deep pool suitable for bathing but for the novice consider to swim not too far because the under current is so strong.

You need to climb down and pass through the rattan bush and trek few minutes upstream to reach this spot, just few hundred meters from the first level.

This one is easy to spot because just close by the cemented path, but the way to get to the bottom part is quite impossible but you can get to the upper part.

The daredevils on the top of the waterfall, you can some idea the height of it. 

The third level, bottom part of S curve cascades, similar to second level you need to climb down and river trekking for few meters.

The exhausted face of novice explorer, just taking some rest from a cramp knees.

Small cascades just below the broken bridge, watch your step crossing this structure.

The tallest among five level that we reached, L curve cascades and we don't how high the upper part. The journey stopped here and there is more waterfalls upstream.

Calm rocky stream downstream, this where you can park your car and suitable for family picnic. 


  1. cantek bro.. kg cheh dh dekat dgn kg aku (cgkt jering). hg kena p pecah batu trong, ada gak air terjun

  2. Tq, Trong dalam perancangan takde kaki lagi sane... macamana skrg sihat ke... ape-ape pun kena kuatkan semangat bos...