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Thursday, 14 November 2013


This waterfall is unknown to outsiders, actually along Sg. Chempias there is her twin sister flow along side by separated about 1KM of land. This is the first time, I went with my "Kuala" connection which I could not attend the trip day before, so with help of Zaini, the local guy from Kg. Laneh itself, I managed to reach the secluded waterfall of Sg. Laneh. 3 Level of waterfalls. For the locals there is a name for each level, 1st level known as "Lata Pendek", 2nd level known as "Lata Panjang" and the upper level is known as "Lata Tak Berikan", today we managed to wrapped out 2 level only and need another more day to visit the upper level. During this trip also I managed to meet with two jungle experts (Mat Kelawar and Pak Tan) in Kg. Laneh whom possessed knowledge about the forest behind their village. So here is the report, sorry the photo a bit faulty due due to heavy light received by the lens, but you still can witness the beautiful of secluded Lata Panjang and Lata Pendek.

You can clearly see the signboard to B.A (Batu Ampar) Resort just after Klinik Desa Kg. Laneh if you're from Lubuk Merbau. This is the same route to go to Sg. Chempias waterfalls near the mini-hydro dam. 

After a junction to B.A Resort take a left turn at the next junction, you can hear the roaring sound of Sg. Chempias from this spot. 

Then you will meet villagers ochard, by foot or motorcycle only, on your right side is where Sg. Laneh located. 

You need to descend down from the road through some visible trail, but be careful of slippery rock, I nearly slip of this area.

First tier of Lata Pendek, nice spot for natural slider, it would be more safe during hot season. This time a volume of water is high due to rainy season. 

The close up panoramic view of first tier.

The actual size, Zaini close shot at the body of water.

The second tier of the waterfall, we need to walk on the rock to get to another side.

The top tier of Lata Pendek, the closest we can get, there is no angle to shot it.

You need to climb back to the orchard road, the descend back to reach Lata Panjang, the first tier with huge pool and the rock is really slippery here.

The tallest among all, just imagine one fault step... 

Photo taken from the top of the tallest, you can see the descending degrees of the cascades... scary wooo

On top of the tallest tier, a nice place to have fresh dip, pool with some cute rapids.

The sizable pool for those who like a fresh dip.

There is another level with known by the local as Lata Tak Berikan, that would require another day and the forest expert that we meet also would guide us to visit countless waterfall along Sg. Chempias like Lata Berangin, Lata Petai and many more. There is also another waterfall discovered during land excavation and it is another stream which is the tributary of Sg. Laneh. Follow up visit would be done soon.

Downstream of Sg. Laneh near Kg. Labu Kabung.

This where two rivers met, on your right side is Sg. Laneh and on your left side is Sg, Chempias, mingle together in Laneh Dam an irrigation reservoir for paddy field around this area. 

The panoramic view of Southern Bintang Hijau Range from paddy field near the Laneh Dam. 

Damn slippery, need to proper repositioning the body and this how when your cheap DSLR only have 10 minutes timer. Satisfied faces.....  

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