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Tuesday, 19 November 2013


Sungai Anjing had become a permanent water resource for Semai's village of Sg. Budak and for Che Moon family, I would like to dedicate this post to Che Moon, the story of him and the small water intake that naturally serve the purpose of giving back to the community that appreciate it. Sungai Anjing is a tributary of Sg. Gapis, can consider as "suak' due it size but upstream near the intake area lies the pristine waterfall, not huge but tall in size and to go to each tier you need to climb the waterfall itself. Abang Rosli, Cikgu Mat and Che Moon really helpful especially bring my tripod to the top tier. Lies within Titiwangsa Range and some moderate trekking required to reach this spot. 
To reach the fall you need to ascend the hill at the orchard, this on our way back. 

Barricade that will be encountered, please prepare "parang", it would be handy. 

This how the trek looks like, full of overgrowth, watch our for your step, some scramble needed. 

The small catchment dam which serve Che Moon and the villagers of Kg. Sg. Budak. 

First tier, it's below the water catchment dam, about 4 meter high. 

Second tier, this tier flows into the catchment dam. 

Third tier, you need to climb the waterfall on second tier to reach this.

Upper tier, small pristine waterfall that serve the people. 

Group photo, can I call this as group photo, handsome looking taiko of Kg. Sahom, Cikgu Mat, Abang Rosli and Che Moon. 

Che Moon was showing an old catchment dam at one of tributary of Sg. Gapis before it being transferred due to logging activities, maybe you can see the gravity feed pipe, that is from the Sg. Anjing Catchment Dam.

Sg. Anjing downstream. 

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