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Thursday, 5 December 2013


Once again I was introduced to another hidden gem of Kg. Laneh, another secluded waterfall just bordering the jungle territories. At the first place we planned to visit Bukit Takong Falls which is another falls that located nearby but due to heavy rain we began the trip at 11 a.m. added with some scary stories of hunting dog being attacked by the tiger, so the trip is cancelled but Zaini my Kg. Laneh connection obtained a fresh info on another waterfall which flows into unnamed small streams a tributary of Sg. Laneh. The first ever experience climbing wet boulders about 30 meters height with 40 degrees steep, so we need to watch out for our step and to be alerted not being trapped in another flash flood incident. The name of the fall itself taken from the name of this part of Kg. Laneh where it only known only by the locals, here the report:

If you're from Padang Rengas heading towards Lubuk Merbau, use the tarred road nearby Klinik Desa Kg. Laneh which beside the entrance to Batu Ampar Resort and also Sg. Laneh Falls.

Follow the road until you reach the Mosque, cross the bridge nearby the Mosque and further up there is a junction turn left.

You will pass by several houses at the edge of Kg. Laneh, follow the road until you reach orchard area which is on your right side you can see the unnamed small stream. After a few minutes entering the orchard you will reach a T junction, turn right by following the small stream.

This is the small stream that I mentioned about and judging by it size, it is unbelievable to see some medium size cascades at the upper stream.

After the end of tarred road, there is a dirt road, follow it until you reach small wooden bridge, the first tier just few minutes river trekking from the bridge.

The first tier, narrow passage of water and it's near vertical.

The second tier, curvy cascades. You need to climb the first tier in order to reach this.

The right part of 3rd tier, the bottom part of the tier a bit flat but lots of shrubs.

The left part of 3rd tier, covered by shady view.

The 4th tier, consider to be the main fall, this one is huge and tall too, there is 4 flows of cascades here, only main 3 tiers could be materialized by my lens, the 4th one is a small cascades flowing through the crack of the boulders. 

The 6th tier, we cannot reach the 5th tier because there is a small space for both of us.

The final tier that day, on top of this there is a flat forest surface and might be there is another tier upstream who knows.

Again with Zaini, my Kg. Laneh connections, we made it....

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