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Monday, 2 December 2013


Unknown to many, beside famous waterfall in Ulu Chepor lies several waterfall cascading from Titiwangsa Range lies in Chemor, the exact location is Ulu Chemor, home to Malays and Orang Asal community living side by side. All the rivers within this area is a tributary of Sg. Pari accept for Sg. Kerdah which flow into Sg. Perlus and the area itself is a valley that two mountain range, Kledang Saiong and Titiwangsa stood side by side. I obtained the information and name of the river from Orang Asal that I met during my first visit and contrary to what has been told by few Malay guys that I met saying that the river itself is Sg. Chemor, Sg. Chemor itself flows from Orang Asal village of Sg. Baduk and Sg. Peroh is a tributary of Sg. Chemor. This revisit trip was accompanied by Yarn and during the first visit I was accompanied by my LAP connection, Shahbuddin. 5 tiers all together and you can climb up to the top without hassle as the rock surface is not too steep.

If you're heading towards Jalong from Tanah Hitam, few KM from the junction you will meet this signboard after the school area.

The road will lead to PPRT Kg. Jasa, just follow the tarred road until the end of the village. You will notice the mighty Titiwangsa at the horizon probably the highest point is Mt. Korbu or Mt. Yong Belar.

Then follow the tarred road alongside the palm oil plantation, until the you reach a small bridge. 

Downstream of Sg. Peroh

Half KM from the bridge you will reach the trail head, walk around 5 minutes inside the palm oil plantation, if it happens you meet the plantation or fish farm owner, greet them and tell them your motivation entering this area.

We begin with the upper tier, you can reach this area by light hiking along the waterfall, you need to scramble inside the overgrowth.

The small twin for the upper tier at her left side. 

Descending down you will reach this tier, the flow of water separate into two side. 

The continuity from the above mentioned tier, this one flows to the left side.

The fall that flows into right side, much more smaller from her left twin.

Climbing down you will reach this cascades. 

Last but not least the lowest tier, you will start climbing the rock from this spot to reach upper tier, I would call this tier as "Lata Dua Warna", if you notice the colour of the rock, one side is black and another side is red. 

View from upstream, this spot mark a boundary in between rubber and palm oil plantation. 

In some part of the waterfall there is an evidence of heavy utilization of water by the nearby fish farm and during the colonial years, there is a dam built here to facilitate mining operation in Tanah Hitam.

The fish pond, the first ever I encountered waterfall in 3 separate agriculture practice, palm oil, rubber and fish farm. I wonder why always the recreational part being eliminate from their planning. 

The first ever experiment by me using rare photographic style using mirror for trip portrait. Credit to Yarn that so ambitious in carrying the mirror climbing the rock in between the tiers. That's wrapped our my revisit tour, see you again in the next episode.....

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