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Wednesday, 15 January 2014


First of all I would like to clarify that this is the "real" Lata Sinju not the one that located nearby the trunk road from Simpang Pulai to Cameron Highlands near OA village of Kampung Lalang. Second of all not many knows that Sungai Sinju is the same river that flows into so called "Lubuk Timah" falls, a large mademade waterfall near Simpang Pulai, so that is two facts that I want to share in this post. Semai village of Sinju lies at the bank of Sungai Sinju which consist not more than 20 houses, one of the closest OA village to Simpang Pulai and some of traditional ways of living had been gradually lost it bites and modernization seems begin to occupy some parts of their life. My initial effort to rediscover this waterfall is began with the help of my fellow photographer buddy Syed Hishamudin during our first ever photo trip where we also visit Sg. Lu Falls (mistakenly described as Sg. Juang Falls due to some misinterpretation by the durian farm owner who also possessed the land surrounding the fall) a tributary of Sungai Sinju which also accessible using Simpang Pulai - Cameron Highlands road. This among the friendliest Semai village that I've ever encountered, we have been guided for free by the Semai's village head son to the upper fall as the trail is a bit confusing where you need to cross OA farms. This trip also made possible by the help of my regular waterfall photography buddy Yarn the admin for Belajar HDR one of the HDR photographic group in facebook.

When you're from Simpang Pulai before reaching Lubuk Timah look at your right side, there is a tarred road to Kolam Pancing Sungai Piah.

After a quarter of your journey you will meet with this junction, take a left fork. 

Then on your left side there is an abundant of Fish Farms, maybe for Red Talipia species. 

about half of your journey you will reach a small valley, nice view but bad photography... down the valley is where Sungai Sinju flows.

The road will leads you to Semai village of Sinju, non-densely populated neighborhood.

The first cascades just nearby the village, the photo taken during my first recce. Popular spot for some locals here and there a series of low level cascades along this river.
The trail head started at the edge of the village using old logging trail, the compartment within the waterfall lies within the Bukit Kinta Forest Reserve, the trail also leads to OA farms, light hiking and no trace of leeches. On your left side is Sg. Sinju and there is a river too on your right side which is Sg. Sebatang. 

At this point if you trekking along the river you will meet this small fall, but a rock a bit slippery here to reach the pool.

But we managed to get to the pool, nice for those who would like to swim but watch out 

View of OA farms, there main crop is rubber and also few tropical fruits. 

As expected, pristine waterfalls only lies within the forest compound, this how the forest trail looks like and the good news is the leeches are waiting for you. 

Finally our encounter with the giant, main fall of Sg. Sinju, according the Sem, the Tok Batin son there is no more tall fall upstream only a series of cascades. 

Closeup view of the main fall, the wind so strong here and creates a mist, I wonder why the river near the OA village is clear and clean but there is no garbage collection service here... so it is the question of the attitude and we should learn from the OA how to appreciate the nature. 

Me, Sem and Yarn... and thank you very much Sem who made this possible, you are true eco-warrior. 

On our way back heavy rain started to drops, we just early by less than one hour, if we late maybe we shall trap in this massive flash flood, this fearsome photo is taken at the first cascades near the OA village. Our advise do not ever try to explore rarely visited falls if you do not have any experience at all and always stay at high ground when the rain starts to drop. 


  1. Hi there, is the hike to the main fall tough? How long does it takes? I am planning to bring heavy time-lapse equipment there. By the way, thanks for the report, really appreciate you sharing.

  2. not so tough, just 1 hour walk, moderate hiking through visible trek. but if you have any off road vehicle especially motorcross you shall shorten the journey to 15 minutes, what is your heavy time lapse equipments? please ask the permission from tok batin to enter the area since some of the area is their ancestor graveyard