Tuesday 21 January 2014


Another trans boundary waterfall trip and this time to the land of 'nasi kandaq". Since the beginning of my craziness over waterfall this is one of my priority to be visited and suddenly two miracle man Eric Yeap and Herbert Wong both from Pertubuhan Pencinta Air Terjun Selangor had made my dream come true. Both guys are avid and hardcore waterfall hunters and environmentalist which also the wise brain behind the waterfall cleanup program initiate in several states after several cases of Leptospirosis reported in several touristic waterfall spot across Malaysia. This waterfall is worth a visit and I'm not regretting at all for woke up at 5 a.m. and driving 3 hours to Penang for day trip, since the beginning of this blog I emphasized the sharing of the location of the waterfalls that has been visited but I would make an acceptation for this one, this one is better to be left forbidden by the public since it becomes one of fresh water supply for the Island of Penang. Eric Yeap had preliminary obtained a permission from State Government Environment Exco Office to enter this location and for those who interested to visit this waterfall it will be opened once a year during World Water Day and you need to check the information with Perbadanan Bekalan Air Pulau Pinang or obtain a written permission for guided tour visit. This one is majestic, multi tiers waterfall and the main fall is 90 degrees vertical drop.

 The location, Penang Botanical Garden... also known as Taman Monyet by our local Perakian, there is hidden jewel behind all those row of rare faunas exhibited here and this waterfall is rarely noticed even by the locals.

Look what I told you, there is a waterfall here and follow those arrows.

I think this is the only signboard telling public that there is waterfall somewhere in Penang Botanical Garden. 

Light hiking, we meet few avid hikers here... I'm almost fainted out here, but Eric and Herbert seems so consistent and thanks guy for your patience. 

After that venture into jungle trekking, watch out for the fallen trunk here and there.

You can see the reservoir downhill, only with written permission you will be able to use this route. 

You will be encountered with this red sign everywhere nearby the waterfall, that this area is prohibited without written consent.

One of the only upper cascades that could be realized into photograph, there is more tiers downstream but unless you have the ability of taken a photo during abseiling because some tiers located in deep ravine. 

Let me introduce you to the jewel of Penang... there is a steel bridge and barriers to facilitate public visit.

Can you imagine how tall it is, vertical drop....

Up close and personal with the mighty giant, there is no way you can get close to it, this is the closest I can get if not your whole lens filter will be become blur. 

Eric and Herbert mingle with the roaring thunder, in the case of photography... the time visited the fall is not a comfortable "moment" lots of flare and sunlight but in the case of waterfall exploration this is the truth of all.... majestic... what can I say more...

Herbert and Me, posing for the trip photo... how lucky we are, Eric is the one who released the shutter.

Downstream of Sg. AIr Terjun where the Penang Falls flow down.

The trail is going down to the part of the Sg. Air Terjun that being permitted for the public, but there is nothing there accept for a rocky stream. After the quite tough hiking (by me not the other two) Herbert treat us Nasi Kandar Rafee, Line Clear is for the tourist here the real local deals.... 

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