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Friday, 10 May 2013


Our journey (me and Asmidi, local kampung guy who into jungle trekking) to one of the secluded village near to town of Parit, its called Kampung Lengkuas where it is located in southernmost part of Kledang Saiong and 30 minutes from the main road, Now i can proud to say that only Hilir Perak and Kerian district doesn't have any watefalls. On the foothill also lies a small river tributary of Perak River called Lengkuas River, it can visibly seen after the junction to Senggang from Tg, Blanja. The river flows in between two hills south of Gunung Hijau where it's popular among local new entry hikers and through out the river lies a series of small waterfalls and cascades not higher than 2 meters, I could say that the trail is non visible, you can choose the river trek or abandon logging trek (full with thickets and it some part you cant see the red soil)....

Entrance to Kampung Lengkuas using Seputeh - Parit road, the only signboard visible, nearby the Sabar Menanti Restauran
Then you come across hilly tarred road in the middle of palm oil territories, no sign of residential area until you reach Kg. Lengkuas

Finally reached the populated area, low density and nice panoramic view of the hill that kept its secret

At the end of tarred road, you may enter the dirt road area of palm oil plantation, please use a guide you may lost here

The river where the waterfall flows, if you reached this its a wrong turn, use the dirt road uphill

The jungle trail head, I think the area going to be cleared up for plantation purposes, the trail head is at the border of rubber and palm oil plantation

The trek would look like this, in some parts you cannot see the abandon trek, just make sure that you clearly see the river down hill if not maybe you're lost and end up at Papan or Pusing

The lowest part of the waterfall, the local called it "Jeram" or "Kolam", near the rubber plantation

Close up of lowest part, the water is so murky due to the heavy rainfall

Second lowest part, it cannot be found if you're using logging trek, need a river trekking, the main fall

The middle part, I would suggest if you to endure into jungle picnic, this area would be the best because it got a cleared area

Nearby the middle part

Water sliding on top of the rock

Curvy waterfall hiding behind the bush

Small cascade on the upper part

Finally the upper part, uphill there is no indicator that waterfall is existed, only small rocky stream

Just in case if this is the last trip here

p/s: due to the inexperienced handling entry level DSLR in the jungle, I lost lens bracket and Polarize filter, that would be quite some bucks for ordinary guy like me, but the experience priceless... the very own waterfall in my home district  


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