Sunday 12 January 2014


Not far away from Batu Katak Falls in Kampung Laneh, Padang Rengas there is another unnamed stream that also a tributary of Sg. Laneh, the discovery of the fall is made during land excavation by one of the guy from this area. This is one of the unique waterfall profile that I've ever encountered so far in Perak and the good news is it's not far away from the village and located at the edge of the Southern Bintang Hijau Forest Reserve. It has been 2 months after the first sighting news has been popped out from Razaini my connection here and added with the rainy season this absolutely will make your hiking activities a nightmare due to slippery rock, the challenge is quite tough because you need to descend 70 - 80 degrees hill just by having your fate not to slide into the ravine holding to a few small tree that grows on the hill slope, rope would be a best solution for the next photo trip. But when we want to leave the main fall, Razaini try to recce the roaring sound of water downstream and we follow the dirt road until the end when we meet again the stream, the good news is that there is at least 3 more cascades downstream, we end up stop at the point where the stream is covered by the overgrowth.

Just follow the tarred road that leads to Batu Katak Falls, but do not turn right just continue to ascend the hill.

End of tarred road, you will meet the small steel bridge, Razaini is checking the stream, he said large volume of water visible. 

Continue to ascend the hill, if you have 2 wheels vehicle you will save around 30 minutes of light hiking.

Clear path along the way and this place would be more merrier during Durian season. 

Descend the hill by following the dirt road, at this point you already can hear the roaring sound of the waterfall, if you continue descend the hill you will meet the stream again, this where we discovered few more cascades and there is one of it that over 3 meters height.

Although this one is the last spotted during this trip, I think it would be nice to start from lower level. The small cascades within large area of rock formation.

This one is on the top of the first cascades mentioned above, about 3 meters height. You can climb the boulders to get to the upper level.

Another cascades, flowing in between the boulders.

Soon you will find a cleared area, just located beside the villagers' farm, this is the first cascades spotted after descending the dirt road. 

On top of the cascades, you will spotted this cute cascades. The main fall just located on top of this cascades, we haven't try river trekking to the main fall but from our observation the main problem is that there is few small falls located within the ravine before reaching the main fall, if you dare to climb these small falls this route is quite safe. 

This how the ravine looks like, scary................

The main fall, there is few waterfalls in Peninsular Malaysia that resemblance the profile of this fall, it's like Seri Gethuk and Air Tetes Falls in Indonesia. At this point the base is quite level and you can having a hydro massage if the volume of water is high.

Up close and personal with the beauty lies just few KM from the serenity of Kampung Laneh.

Just two of us, me and Razaini (whom few times visited this spot) mingle with the hidden treasure of Bintang Hijau.

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