Monday 26 August 2013


I decided to update my recent trip to Gunung Besout and synchronized the old report which done few months ago, during my first trip I was accompanied by Adi and assisted by Fuad and his friend who show us the exact way to Bukit Belacan Falls. On my recent trip I was only accompanied by Yarn now living in Gunung Besout. Now I knew that the land that has been cleared belongs to Majlis Adat Istiadat dan Agama Negeri Perak, now the started the planting phase and the whole river from the waterfall covered with mud and residue contrary to our first visit where the river still alive and flowing. Like my first trip, this trip also requires long walk under scorching sun, 30 minutes walk without any living trees beside you plus a devastating view of deforested area.

Entrance to Felda Gunung Besout, just 30 minutes drive from the main Federal Road, the junction to Gunung Besout is after a junction to Felda Trolak. 

During our first visit there is no signboard erected at the trail head but now the warning sign enter with your own risk. 

Smooth walk if there is no sun on top of you, welcome to the barren land of Gunung Besout, seems half of the hill being cleared.

Recent and first trip trekking photo, long walk to the nature, now the excavator is gone but replaced by the seed bag or palm oil. 

The comparison in between same river but different visit, the top photo is taken during our recent visit and second photo take during our first visit. Now all the river channeled to retention pond scattered within the cleared area. 

During my first visit there is a shack built by the excavation workers, just behind the shack is first tier of lower level which now gone maybe due to soil erosion and beside the shack there a trail to climb the hill along the waterfall. 

The remaining photo of the first tier, now it's gone maybe due to soil erosion, but grateful it has been documented earlier. 

Second and third tier of the lower level, the image a bit fisheye in nature, still practicing using transform tool in PS. 

Natural shower just beside the 3rd tier, it can fit one adult body to refresh after a stiff climb. 

part of 3rd tier, 4th tier and 5th tier... the climbing still moderate at this stage. This photo credit to Yarn.

Close up of 5th tier, you need to climb to reach this spot, 4 twins, the biggest until the smallest. 

You need to climb to reach the top level, 50 degrees climb that will make you sweet plus all the small thorn, high endurance activity.

6th and 7th tier, the 8th tier doesn't visible, the small cascades on top of 7th tier, twin falls. 

From the top, you see half of the hill being cleared and I wonder where is the buffer zone between development and natural body of water, suppose there is one right? 

Me and Yarn at the top level, pergh look at his t-shirt, a suitable candidate for making photography a threat again. 

Adi, Fuad and his friend with exhausted faces on the way down from the waterfall during my first trip.

According to Meor Razak from Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM), this was apart of Gunung Besout Forest Reseve that has been degazetted as Forest Reserve to make way for the plantation. but the question is when it has been degazetted the natural body of water should not be apart of it.... 

360 panoramic view of the barren land, the waterfall lies in between the hill.

Bukit Belacan really testing my endurance after Bukit Saga - Apeh waterfall, but you shall be rewarded by beautiful waterfall soon to be a jewel inside the palm oil plantation. Lots and lots of forested area in Perak had been cleared for plantation, the latest one is at Kuala Bikam and soon we don't know where, to those in charge, just a simple reminder, "just preserve what is left for future generation".   


  1. hi, could you update this with photo? the current photo isnt viewable anymore. i planning to hike gunung besout.

  2. which gunung besout that you plan to hike?