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Friday, 10 May 2013

Welcome To My Blog

My simple and yet with desire to share the miracle of god creation called "waterfall" and so called peace that created from it. This is the travel log about waterfall in Malaysia particularly waterfall in in the state of Perak, I will keep as simple as possible and about the photo, the tool is an entry level DSLR creation, need to catch up more i guess, but i think it's not a crime for experimentation.

This is a travel log, sorry no exact GPS or location map, still hard to understand this gadget, but feel free to ask the location, i wont be hesitated to share even for secluded waterfall features in this blog, still believe that sharing and communication is a power that somehow ignored by human.

For time being due to time constraint, initially trying to unveil the series of waterfalls around my hometown in Parit, Perak especially dedicated to several mountain and hill range in District of Kinta, Perak Tengah, Kuala Kangsar, Manjung and Hulu Perak, just keep in my mindset that every river flows from the hill or mountain lies the waterfall within it, either it's small or big, vertical or cascades, plunge or curtain. I've decided progressively to put all my previous findings that sealed inside my facebook account into this blog, but sorry about the photo since I'm using cheap Nikon COOLPIX digital camera that time.

Thanks for reading, enjoy my travel log. 

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