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Saturday, 8 June 2013


For those nature enthusiast, Pangkor Island doesn't offer only sandy beaches but also rainforest area that covered half of the Island. For those who familiar with the hanging bridge of Pasir Bogak and Tortoise Hill, you might knew what lies inside the lush jungle that inspired Tracy Chapman in his book "Jungle is Neutral". At Teluk Nipah lies a small waterfall that rarely visited accept for those who stay at Kem Raudhah (a small resort in Teluk Nipah), even though the trail is covered by overgrowth, it is still visible and the chances of getting lost is zero here is my report:

The road leads to waterfall at Teluk Nipah behind the Grey Iswara

 Then you will pass by few chalets and reached small village behind teluk Nipah, then you can see the T junction

 At the end of the tarred road before reaching Kem Raudhah you can see the signboard, the trail started where I park my motorcycle

Soon you'll entering secondary forest, just walk along the fences

Soon you will see this signboard

Common signboard in every waterfall in Perak, beware of Leptospirosis

Here is the Pangkor Fall, small volume of water during our visit, maybe due to dry season

Just a baby fall, but what to expect because I think the highest peak is just 100 meter, Top tier

Bottom tier, just small volumes of water cascading over the rock

Weak stream, downstream, the area has been polluted from the rubbish and leftover, not suitable for bathing and the area is covered by the huge canopy where the sunlight is minimum

My daughter, you can measure the height 

According to the locals, there is another small waterfall near the Fu Lin Kong Chinese Temple by requires serious Jungle trekking, maybe next time....

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