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Thursday, 8 August 2013


This one is found by accident when we visited Tanjung Baru Fall for our first recce, that time we just climb down into the "Oasis" waterfall. The local kids whom we met offering us to show a waterfall deep inside the quarry area using a dirt road to Baitul Hilal Power Plant owned by Malakof Corporation, the challage here would be unstable road which required cautious driving and several junctions that will confuse you if this is the first time entering this area.

This waterfall is so close to the sea and the locals called this area as Teluk Mengkudu where the quarry activities is hidden from the public, only those who dare entering the area could witness the greed of mankind.

Use the dirt road after the trail head of Tanjung Baru Fall, the driving would be more pleasant because not much heavy trucks using this road.

Then the road leads to the series of flooding quarry with blue sometimes green water, after this area beware of crack at the edge of the road, believe me you don't want to slip offroad

Welcome to Mars, half of the hill had been mutilated, this area is more unorganized in their quarry operation and its so close to the sea

We reached the trail head after 20 to 25 minutes driving, clear signage showing the Segari Melintang Permanent Forest Reserve administrated by State Forestry Office, but seems no one in this area care about this

The stream that contributes to the waterfall, further downstream there is a fishing pond that has been supplied by this body of fresh water.

Entering the jungle, not much over growth this time, pleasant walk along the stream, but be cautious for the rattan plant famous for its thorn.

Small weir perhaps constructed by the fishing pond owner to irrigate its pond, lots and lots of piping packaging scattered around.

The first tier, actual there is a small cascade downstream but there is a massive canopy on it, so cannot snap any photo of it.

Me, Asmidi and the local kid that become our guide posing at the first tier.

The daredevil Asmidi trying to record the second tier, this tear could be reached using a rope by climbing a steep rock, but luckily rock in this area is not slippery. 

Second tier, one of the magnificent small fall that I encountered.

On our second recce, we managed to get to top tier, this photo is part of third tier, serious scramble through steep hill would get you to this.

The daredevil Asmidi at the edge of third tier. 

And finally you will be rewarded by this cute waterfall on the top level, it would be magnificent if the water volume is high.

You can measure the height of the fourth tier, there is indicator more tiers upstream because the streams split into two flow, but the story of Clouded Leopard being spotted here would make us think twice and we need much larger and experienced group to enter this vicinity.

My another trip to this fall, this time there is high water volume and the fall become more spectacular, and on this trip we managed to go to the lowest tier and discover another tier on top of last fall discovered previously, here is the trip photo, this photo expedition become a reality with a participation of WanAm and Yarn from HDR Legion Photo Group.

Credit to Wan who let me use his photo for this blog.

The lowest tier, a small cascades, the PVC gravity feed pipe is use to supply the water to nearby fish farm. The photo taken by me.. so contrast with the pro.

The second tier, the shallow pool a bit murky this time maybe due to wet season. 

The 3rd tier which the mail fall, look how the different, seasonal waterfall well alive during wet season.

4th tier, he standing at the edge of the small pool to capture this beautiful photo.

The twin of 4th tier, only appear during wet season and she will be gone away during dry season... 

5th tier, the one shot by me previously quite blurry, here is the clear results. 

The cute 6th tier, this time it become more dramatic with her baby fall.

Newly discovered 7th tier, due to restricted angle, this is the only photo that could be shot but in reality it quite huge and high too... 

Portrait of Eco Photographer and me, don't be tricked by my camera on my shoulder, lots and lots of thing need to be learned, take times ok... ha ha

Meor Razak from Sahabat Alam Malaysia told me that the new proposed incenarator would be built close to this area, so soon this area would become new garbage disposable site for District of Manjung. 

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