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Saturday, 24 August 2013


Serenity, that what I can recall during three visit to Bukit Cermin waterfalls, the stream is vast (should I rephrase it as River), sandy riverbed and most of all powerful fall with large pools. Sungai Cermin seems healthy because a lot of fish including Sebarau, Toman, Kejar and Tengas found here and with crystal clear water located just behind Temiar's village of Bukit Cermin near Sayong, Kuala Kangsar. Easy access either by foot (you may take around 1 hour walking to reach the fall) or by two wheels vehicle. Also known as "Lata Berasap" by the local Malays community and "Air Terjun Sabun" by the Temiars. Contrary to Ulu Cheh waterfalls that share the same geographical terrain accept this one is bigger, the path to descend the cliff is well maintained by the Temiars to facilitate either themselves or outsider to visit this place.

If you're using Kuala Kangsar to Senggang (towards Parit too) road, you will encounter this bridge before reaching PLUS highway R & R. The access road to the Temiar village just 1 KM before this bridge

If you're from Kuala Kangsar towards Senggang, at Kampung Bendang Kering, Sayong, the most visible scenery is the devastation of the hill near the paddy field. Bukit Cermin just behind the bare naked hill and the access road is just 1 KM from this site. 

You may unnoticed the signboard, "FELCRA BUKIT CERMIN" and that's the only access tarred road to the Temiar's village.

Proper one lane road, a bit ascending but it can be used by common four wheels vehicle

At the end of the tarred road, you will reach Temiar's village of Bukit Cermin. A friendly community of Orang Asal and please show your politeness when encounter them and please speak slowly as Malay is only spoken by the adults.

Entrance to the dirt road, just beside the first T junction you encountered. The bar is closed because the road is leading to Felcra plantation, if you are using offroad 4 wheels vehicle, get permission from the 'Tok Batin" (Village Headmen) and do bring some candy and sweets for the Temiar's kids because you can ask them to accompany you to the waterfall.

Pleasant walking or driving, a bit descending which part of it plantation and part of it is secondary jungle. 

At the starting point of logging trail you may encounter this signboard, "Kledang Saiong Permanent Forest Reserve", so better to well equipped and don't try to venture to this territories alone by yourself. The water hose is use to channel the drinking water for the Kampung Bukit Cermin and do not throw any rubbish because this the source of their water consumption.

Logging trail also pleasant but if you're using motor vehicles watch out for the landslide and fallen trees.

You need to descend down from the logging trail to reach the fall, the trail is well maintained by the locals.

The first fall, huge and powerful as you can feel the wind blowing to your face plus it got huge pool but the current so strong.

Look at the size, the fellow novice explorer rejuvenating after an effort to descend the huge rock to get to the base. 

Further upstream you can found several of these short waterfalls, this one have a huge pool and you can swim (if you dare enough).

We made it, and I got the most refreshing bath here, the water so clean and refreshing. 

It even got a waterfall from the streams uphill and flows into Sungai Cermin just near the location we took a photo above. 

further more upstream you may encounter this vast area of rocky river bed, shoes would be applicable as the rock is a bit slippery. 

Huge low level cascades, the current a bit strong here... notice all the fallen trees, I think those are Remanence of flash flood and this waterfall only advisable to be visited during dry season.

Majority of the area within the waterfalls compound consist of sandy riverbed, you can also river trekking but to climb the rock at the waterfall would be the most adventurous part.

Upstream this how the river looks like, this photo is taken at the end of the logging trail. According to the local there is more than 5 tributaries of Sungai Cermin and one of it having tall waterfall upstream and it may took 5 - 6 hours trekking into Kledang Saiong forest towards Gunung Peninjau. 

Look at the sandy riverbed, this photo is taken near the estuary that flows into Sungai Perak, lucky there is no illegal sand mining here.


  1. Very beautiful place ... hope to pay a visit one day. Thanks for sharing and I hope that the place will be well preserved for generations to come. Also hope that the OA will be able to resist all greedy developments of this place especially sand mining and vast clearing of land.

  2. now it has been devastating, the logging activities almost wiped out the waterfall with the fallen trunk, the area has not been as before but might be one or two flash flood will push all the fallen trunk