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Thursday, 5 September 2013


This waterfall is visibly seen from Padang Rengas Town or PLUS Highway towards Taiping, we decided to recce the waterfall after finding the suitable vehicle in conquering the series of hills at the nothernmost part in Bubu Range surrounding the waterfall. Bukit Cha Falls contributes the flow of Sungai Catot a tributary of Sungai Kangsar, but this is the only waterfall so far we could not get to the base, this due to the fallen tree remnant that covered the edge of the waterfall for the palm oil replanting process. To trek under the dense thickets is not advisable, you don't know what's crawling on top of you. But Bukit Cha Falls still beautiful from far away, the closest we can get is around 100 meter from the waterfall and maybe there is an effort by the plantation owner to clear all the deadwood and thickets so the waterfall itself will be well alive. Funny thing the workers at the plantation told us that we like a forestry officer and they not allowed us to take any photograph at the plantation site office, why?

Entrance from the main road, use a road to SRJK (T) Ladang Gapis near Padang Rengas Government Clinic.

This photo is taken from Padang Rengas Vocational School and it's visibly seen from Padang Rengas Petronas Station. 

You will cross underneath of PLUS Highway towards Ladang Gapis, find a route to Sungai Kangsar, better to ask the worker here as the plantation road quite confusing.

Soon you will reach Sungai Kangsar bridge not far away from the rubber collection center.

Pleasant ride into the rubber plantation.

Look for the first junction once you're entering palm oil plantation.

We are not permitted to take photo at the plantation site office, we are using the plantation terrace route at the hill on the left side since the hill of the right side very steep, at this point we try to crawl under the thick bush but decided to use the terrace because of the safety factors. 

The waterfall cascading the whole hill, it huge really huge, if can get to it closer....

 Tiers at the lower part.

More tiers uphill.

The closest we can get, we think this one is the main fall, there is more tiers upstream but we cancel the journey because its going to rain.

Old photo of Bukit Cha Falls when the hill still surrounded by lush green vegetation. 

Looking from far away.....

Asmidi tries to do photo trick!

View of Padang Rengas from the hill, you can see Gunung Pondok and Southernmost part of Bintang Hijau Range.

Sungai Catot downstream flow into Sungai Kangsar.  

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