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Thursday, 15 August 2013


Few kilometers from Beruas town there is a multiracial community located in Sg. Rotan, 3 major races lived within this village, in this village also lies a small river which similar to the name of the village. We got a hint from our hunter friend that once they had crossing Southern Bubu Range's forest from Ulu Licin to this area and there is a trace of huge boulders when they are in this area. We try to recce this area but we started quite late around 4 pm and when we got out it almost 7.30 pm and we found magnificent and untouched cascades of waterfall, there is 4 level and we manage to recce 1st, 3rd and 4th level, the 2nd level located in deep gorge and we not dare to try plus we suspected that there is more waterfall upstream but when we reached 4th level the we saw 90 degrees steep climb and that's limit our journey. The place got their name because once you entered the forest there is a lot of rattan species and huge trees too.

From Beruas towards Trong using hill route you will encountered this bridge after a junction to Permatang Acheh.

And not far from the bridge you may found this structure, an entrance to Sg. Rotan Chinese Village.

After few minutes, you will reach this junction, use the dirt road into the plantation. Four wheel vehicle are now allowed to enter the plantation as it is a private property, but locals especially rubber tapper are permitted to use the plantation road to the edge of forest, just act like locals and motorcycles would be helpful. 

20 minutes (by motorcycle, by foot would taken much longer) from the entrance you may found the small streams, cross it and it will lead you to the trail head, just follow the river bank.

Another 10 minutes you will reach the trail head, lots of Tengas over here, trekking by the river and soon use the river bank because the boulders are quite big here.

The plate indicating you are now entering Bubu Permanent Forest Reserve, so be cautious.

We trekked through primary forest area, but the trek to reach first level are not too steep, but watch out for the roots that scattered around because you may tripping.

 First level after 30 minutes trekking along the river. The 2nd level located on top of this but steep gorge limits your hiking.

The L curve cascades, this the main fall... not suitable for bathing because the rock is slippery. 

Asmidi dare to climb the rock... and he is rewarded

 4th level, around 15 to 20 meter high, we not dare to climb the steep clift.

As usual only dare to be photograph from the distance, in case this is the last time here.

Sungai Rotan downstream make it way to Sungai Beruas and end at Straits of Malacca. 

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