Thursday 5 September 2013


This is our first time venturing into Titiwangsa Range and we decided to unveil the secret that lies in the area of Sungai Siput and surrounding. We manage to gather information from locals and few avid hunters in order to track this vertical waterfall near Terkok PLKN camp. When you drive from Sungai Siput towards Lintang using Pulau Kemiri route, you will cross a small bridge located 1 KM from Lintang, the river is Sungai Kuncha the tributary of Sungai Pelus that flows into Sungai Perak near Karai. For most of the locals the downstream area is known as Lata Durian or Lata Puteri, nice and pleasant picnic area situated along the road towards Terkok PLKN camp. We managed to reach the waterfall by trekking 2 hours inside the dense forest that I would confess full of biodiversity in term of flora and fauna, like what Asmidi told me when we entering the jungle he said "Semuanya Ada", from Elephant dung that scattered along the logging trail, Reflessia bud, sound of primates and not forgotten some trace of cat species left its mark on the trees, guide are highly recommended as there is no visible trail from the abandon logging trail to the waterfall where you required to trek along the river and this area is rarely entered accept for locals Orang Asal and avid tengas anglers.

1 KM from Lintang, you will crossing this small bridge of Sungai Kuncha.

Before reaching Lintang, there is small road to the left just before the bridge of Sungai Pelus (opposite of Lintang), the route also is the only road accessible to Terkok PLKN camp.

Then you will reach T junction at Kampung Sungai Durian and take a left turn.

Pleasant road condition, can be entered using low chassis car.

Along the road, there is a picnic area known by the locals as Lata Durian or Lata Puteri. The photo is taken after half hours of heavy rain when we were came out from the forest, normally the area have sandy river bed and nice brown rock that become a unique identity for this spot.

After 15 to 20 minutes drive you will reach Terkok PLKN camp.

There is a left turn beside the PLKN camp that lead you to a small bridge and this road also leads to Sungai Kuncha water reservoir. 

The end of tarred road, you need high chassis car or two wheel vehicles to enter this road.

This small weir could be found at parking spot for those who entered this area using 4 wheels vehicle, further more you only can use 2 wheels vehicle or by foot.

Abandon logging trail, once entered this area be cautious as you're entering the area that rarely visited by the human, make all necessary preparation and be in group, the elephant dung also scattered along this trail.

Small pond inside the jungle area, for those who seen this for the first time, this is the swimming pool for the Asian Elephant.

Another jungle lesson, the small streams that known as "Suak" in Malays, the series of Suak is an important factor to feed the river with the sufficient volume of water, just use a logical sense what if the area being exploit for timber purposes. At the back is "Sira" in Malays, a series of small pond for wildlife water source. 

The logging trail leads you this this rocky river, there is also a river of your left side of the trail, there is no waterfall there, bear in mind that the waterfall is from the river at your right side. Up to this point you will entering non visible trail, go right by trekking along the river and please mind your step.

This is how the river looks like, at some point you need to across the huge boulders and at some point you need to trek at the edge of the river, we take nearly one and half hours doing that.

This is a leech infested area as the forest bed is humid during the wet season.

We also found this, anyone can confirm is this a Reflessia bud, if so this place could be a huge potential for nature tourism and proper trail would be build to facilitate this.

Small cascades found along the river.

The waterfall is located in deep gorge, just around the corner lies the secret.

You need to scramble across the slippery boulders to reach the waterfall, Asmidi is leading the way. 

Then the legend has been unveiled, we need to do some cleaning work. There is two tiers, we don't know how many more upstream, unless you are Steve Irwin then you can climb the gorge.

Up close and personal, tall and strong vertical pool with deep pool, cannot be described in any words.

Zooming to the top part

Exhausted face of chubby travelers.... For this condition, I don't know whether I could ever be able to reach this place again... you can measure the size of the waterfall and judging by deep gorge it is really dangerous to visit this spot during wet season, wait until dry season comes, don't be like us............   

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