Wednesday 7 August 2013


Still preoccupied by the childhood memories of small vertical waterfall near Teluk Batik Beach, we suspect that there will be a series of waterfalls that lies within the hill range that stretch from Pantai Remis (Segari Melintang - Tanjung Hantu) to Teluk Rubiah, majority of this area has been developed into several mega project such as independent power plant, Lumut Port and the latest one would be "VALE" giant steel smelting company that open its plant just nearby the Teluk Batik Beach. Once a permanent reserve for coastal rainforest, inch by inch its being stripped and there is only few compartment that still left to be witnessed by future generation. One more importance of this area it become few remaining nesting ground for turtle species in the west coast area of Peninsular Malaysia. There is several reports indicating that the percentage of the nesting ground has been declined and few NGO's had lunched the campaign to save this area.

The first fall is found just nearby La Farge quarry area in the man-made lagoon that become a popular spot for Barramundi anglers, the streams contributing to the fresh water supply to one of the lagoon and severe erosion could be found within the estuary area, the natural fall lies upstream which required medium jungle and river trekking to deep rainforest area. The series of fresh water streams known to the local as "Air Katoq" and there is several place mentioned and some of it are completely dry. Guide is highly recommended to enter this area as you may get lost either in the non-signage spider web dirt road or inside the rainforest.

Entrance to the area from Pantai Remis, before Sungai Batu Fish Market, use a road to the Sungai Batu Jetty

At the first bend curve enter the dirt road to the quarry area, advisable using high chassis car or motorcycle, low chassis car at your own risk

After few minutes, you will see La Farge quarry area, don't snap any photo in front of the quarry, seems the resident there quite sensitive about it

Even the dirt road having its own speed limit but this only applicable to those "Lori Hantu" truck, but believe me I saw few of them speeding at 80KM per hour on this condition, so please be cautious when entering this area

Soon you can see the hill range on your left side, this where the waterfall lies

On your right side, you may found the first man made lagoon, there is a large fish cage breeding here and you can see the Straits of Malacca from this spot.

Follow the road to the abandon quarry store, there is few abandon construction machines and truck parked within this area, a sole witness to on going and massive quarry operation for the last few decades.

Second lagoon but there is not fisheries activities here and on your right side you can see the estuary of Tanjung Baru stream.

Below the bridge across the stream lies man made waterfall due to erosion and maybe occurring flash flood.

The water is cool even though during hot sunny day and even there is a small pool.

Up close and personal with the waterfall, its like a waterfall in the Oasis.

This how the down stream looks like, you need to climb down the cliff to reach the waterfall, but as you may see flash flood does happened here, not advisable during raining.

Few minutes from the bridge, the first proof that there is actually a body of fresh water existed here, this spot is popular among Sungai Batu resident to get their fresh dip 

Entrance to the jungle trek on your right side, there massive over growth covered this area and "parang" would be handful

After passing the secondary forest into the primary forest, you may found the rocky stream on your left side.

At first we want to discontinue the journey due to the thick canopy but we decided to explore further upstream after some break, the rock is very slippery and there is a sign of wildlife near the body of water.

and we found a small cascade with low amount of water, this would be beautiful if in the wet season

And Asmidi (friend of mine, avid jungle enthusiast) instinct would be correct, we found much higher cascade further upstream, there is two of us inside the rainforest, he said by looking to the hill contour he believe that will be a water drop nearby. 

Then we encountered small pool inside dense canopy and our 45 minutes trekking is awarded with this near vertical waterfall and it would be gorgeous if the water volume is high.

Asmidi up close and personal with the fall.

Mee too, great discovery and it has proven that the hill range is quite healthy, if preemptive measure could be taken by restricting the logging and quarry activity, the stream would be much alive and it will become one of the jewel for the district of Manjung. 

From the left angle, on top of this tier there another tier which could not be capture by my entry-level dslr and for those who daredevil enough to climb the slippery rock you shall be rewarded. 



Since the wet season still going on in Perak, I think it would be the best time to visit some of the seasonal waterfall in Manjung District. The arrangement has been made with Zul which also a nature photography enthusiast to trek again along the "air katoq" near the twin lake to witness the majestic moment of this waterfall, but several new things happened during our visit like new steel rod had been erected by the quarry operator to avoid trespasser which I think not a good idea since this area become a heaven for anglers and the forest itself is not own by them, secondly the small bridge crossing the "oasis" waterfall had been collapsed and only could be passed by two wheels vehicle, the only route you can take is using Sungai Gelam route near the Segari Powerplant, during this visit I will be able to shot each and every cascades and falls because it well alive during this monsoon season. And recently I received a news from Meor Razak of Sahabat Alam Malaysia telling me that the area surrounding this waterfall had been approved for Industrial and Commercial development under local plan for Manjung District. So for those out there who would like to memorize the image of nature within Segari Melintang such as beaches, lakes (quarry mines), coastal hill rainforest and waterfall, this is the best time to do so before it totally wiped out from Segari.....

First encounter, you will met with this water slides. Unique rock formation and the water slides in between the crack. 

Second water slide, just walk along the streams to the top level

The real cascades, during the dry season, there is almost close to no water on the rock formation, the rock looks like being cut, but in reality it's a natural shape. 

The main fall of Tanjung Batu Falls, unique waterfall lies just in between hill formation with maximum height of 400 meters. 

From right angle, those dead log really cause a problem photographing this spot.

From the right side, can you see that it's like a stairs, do ever try to climb it because it's very slippery.

The catch had been prevailed, time for trip photo and that handsome boy sit close to me is Zul also an avid angler showing his satisfaction, the waterfall really well alive and 30 minutes trekking at least paid.    

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