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Saturday, 10 August 2013


Located in South East part of Bubu range lies a small cascades at the edge of rainforest near Kampung Ulu Piol, few kilometers from Manong. The place seems to be developed previously as "Hutan Lipur" because there is a tarred road lead to the edge of the waterfall, but the condition of the road is not usable by common four wheel vehicles after half of the journey, this is due to frequent usage of the road by the heavy truck for timber. The cascades is just 1.5 meter height and there is small pool to supplement bathing activies, but the area has been covered by the bush but there is a trace of locals visiting this place, the area near the waterfall has been developed into palm oil plantation but the volume of water is still sufficient even in the dry season.

The entrance to the waterfall from Simpang Tiga, further up it leads to Manong and Kuala Kangsar

Kampung Ulu Piol that visible from the small tarred road leads to the waterfall

Common four wheel vehicles only could reach until this point, from this you need to walk around 20 minutes to reach the waterfall

Land near the Ulu Piol River now transformed into palm oil plantation, so close to the edge of the rainforest

You need to walk across this area, "parang" would be helpful

The cascade, small in size and suitable for family picnic. You can see the river flow that bends to create the cascade.

Upstream there is a rocky stream, there is plan to explore further towards the rainforest to search if there is a possibility there is a fall or cascade higher than what has been featured here

Downstream, calm river bed

You can measure the height, late evening pose... 

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