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Friday, 6 September 2013


This is the first time ever we encountered waterfall that lies just below TNB transmission grid line, what a coincidence. Sungai Ati is a small river a tributary of Sungai Papan that flows into Sungai Kangsar (berapa banyak sungai da...) located just nearby Gunung Pondok, the landmark of so called development in Padang Rengas, but now they got newly built railway station, perhaps it will be faded away from history soon. This is one of southernmost waterfall that could be found in Bintang Hijau Range, we never check the Air Kuning part yet, maybe there is few there since the old abandon logging bridge found is directly to Air Kuning, a village nearby Changkat Jering. We managed to track this waterfall from the help of wise guy named "Man Beruk" whom we met while collecting coconut in former site of Kampung Sendayan which now being bought by YTL for mining purposes and this is the first time ever we trek along the transmission line which full with thickets and overgrowth, some clearing work also being done seriously here but at the end we have been rewarded with a small cascades, untouched and according to 'Man Beruk" the pool within the cascades become a place for Mr. Cat to have their evening tea time..... but god forbids.

If you using the road from Padang Rengas to Lubuk Merbau, you will encounter a small river after you past Gunung Pondok.

The trailhead is located just after Sekolah Kebangsaan Paya Salak, just follow the transmission grid line towards the hill.

Only high chassis car and two wheels vehicle that could enter this area.

At the end of the dirt road, you will enter a small palm oil plantation which opposite to Gunung Pondok. For your information this is the view from the back side, normally people only can view this limestone hill from the front which adjacent to YTL mining corporation (formerly known as Perak Han Joong), the source of livelihood for Padang Rengas folks. At the edge of the hill also lies former village called Kampung Sedayan, which all population has been evacuated to "safe" place in order for YTL to expand their mining operation.

At the end of the dirt road (actually one of its branch) you will meet with this small river, just use your common sense because if you want to ask somebody here it would be impossible since you will only seldom meet human at this point.

You need to cross the river into an area full of thickets and overgrowth, you will slightly endure some hiking and "parang" would be handy at this point.

Panoramic view of northernmost part of Bubu Range from one of transmission tower.

Take a right turn then you will meet again the river, trek along the river and after a few meter climb the hill on your right side until you reach an abandon logging trail.

The abandon logging trail, Asmidi checking the rattan for his craft work. At the end of this trail you will meet the cascades.

The lowest part of the cascades, this is tallest among all, around 4 meters high.

Second tier, this where a big frog jumped on my head.....

Third tier, you can get mini hydro massage here.

Fourth tier, you need to climb the third tier in order to reach this point.

Fifth tier, not much water that fall here, but it's beautiful.

The last tier we encounter, we not dare to approach further upstream because it closing to tea time.....

The portrait of unbranded nature explorer, we need to undress our pant because lots and lots of weaver ants crawling all over our body and at least I would resemble the style of Orang Asal inside the forest once a while.

Asmidi playing hide and seek with me... grrrr... 

On our way down after a fresh dip, Asmidi showing me rare species of millipedes, look out for what's crawling.

Sungai Ati at downstream, small river but having cute cascades.

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